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About the services we offer:

Services are provided to individuals in need of rehabilitation services and those in need of short term crisis stabilization or detoxification services. All clinical services are delivered within an interdisciplinary model. This allows us to integrate all our resources in developing comprehensive holistic treatment planning and services individualized to specific individual needs. This interdisciplinary team is compromised of the following services:

Medical Services are provided 24 hours a day, seven days per week, by a staff of medical doctors which includes psychiatrists, primary care physicians, physician extenders, and contract physicians. Staff physicians have the overall responsibility for the quality and appropriateness of all medical services provided to the patients of JFK ADATC.

Psychological Services include provision of diagnostic testing, consultation services to the interdisciplinary treatment teams, and provision of specialized psychotherapy for identified patients.

Nursing Services are provided on site 24 hours a day, seven days per week, by a staff of clinical nurse specialists, nurse supervisors, lead nurses, and health care technicians under the Director of Nursing Services.

Counseling/Social Work Services are engaged in assisting patients to become actively involved in their own recovery. This is achieved though assessment, treatment planning, group therapy, individual therapy, and continuing care planning.

Services which support the patient's recovery efforts are available to family members. Individual family/couples sessions are offered if the patient so chooses. Counseling/Social Work, Recreational Therapy and Substance Abuse services are prominently involved in these services.

Substance Abuse Education Services offer daily classes and meetings regarding alcohol and other drug dependence education. These classes provide patients with information about their substance abuse issues and provide skills for recovery including relapse information.

Recreational Therapy Services provide recreational therapy seven days per week to improve, develop, and/or maintain physical, psychological, emotional, and/or social behaviors. Recreational Therapy Services assist patients in developing self-esteem, independent leisure activities, and assertiveness techniques. Additionally, all patients participate in team building team and trust activities.

Additionally, we offer classes to explore gender specific issues of substance abuse. We also have staff trained to provide state of the art treatment options.

Acute Care Unit: The acute care unit provides 30 beds for detoxification/crisis stabilization services for patients in our catchment area. This unit provides medically monitored services to substance abuse patients and those with co-occurring disorders. Patients requiring a higher level of care are referred to other medically managed facilities. Referrals are made through local management entities in conjunction with judicial commitment. The interdisciplinary team provides clinical services for each patient.

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