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Dictionary.com - Dictionary.com. Online dictionary, with links to foreign language dictionaries and other useful writing resources.
Medic8 - Medic8 online searchable medical dictionary, also has a comprehensive list of medical resources (left side of page)
Medical-Dictionary.com - Medical-Dictionary.com. Online searchable medical dictionary.
Medterms.com - Medterms.com. Online medical dictionary, both scrollable and searchable.
WhatIs.com - MIS/IT (computing) dictionary. You'll now be able to understand what the MIS staff are talking about!

Medical Information:

CDC - The Center for Disease Control in Atlanta, where you'll find a nice selection of information covering infectious diseases (and their control) both here and abroad. This site also has a section on Travelers' Health, which is updated often.
Medscape - One of the best sites for medical information on the Internet, covering a wide range of topics ranging from AIDS to women's health.
WebMD - A site aimed at connecting patients to physicians

News & Weather:

ACT - Asheville Citizen-Times. Our local paper, online.
CNN - CNN on the Internet. One of the premier sites for news.
MSNBC - The Microsoft/NBC website. Catchy graphics, good content.
Weather.Com - The Weather Channel's website. If it's weather related, you'll find it here. You can also create your own custom weather page.
Weather Underground - One of the best sources for up to date weather reports for over 550 cities. Designed and run by a team of atmospheric scientists. Good content, updated often.


Babelfish - Online translator will allow you to translate sentences, etc. from Engish to French, German, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish, as well as from those languages back to English.
Big Yellow - The Yellow Pages online. You can search by category, business name as well as city/state.
Dictionary - An online dictionary. This is very user friendly and fast. They also have a nice set of foreign language dictionaries and a link to a site that features a list of over 600 dictionaries , covering 600 different languages.
Switchboard - Allows you to search for people, email addresses and businesses. Also has a good Internet search engine and a map creation page.
Terraserver - Home of Microsoft Terraserver, the world's largest online database. If you've ever wondered what your home or city looks like from a satellite, look no farther. This site can be slow depending on the time of day, so allow yourself some time.
White Pages - This page has the ability to search for people, area codes, zip codes and web pages. It also has a toll free directory and an international whitepages.

Search Engines:

Altavista - One of the original search engines. Great site - fast and professional.
Google - One of the best, if not THE best, search engine out there now.
Lycos - 2nd largest search engine/portal site.
Yahoo - The largest search engine/portal. Huge site, LOTS of links.

State of North Carolina:

DHHS - The NC Department of Health and Human Services.
Employee Information - Information for State employees.
Employment Information - State of NC jobs, sorted by specialty.
NC - The State of North Carolina's webpage.
Purchasing & Contract - State purchasing and contract system

Substance Abuse:

SC Prevents - Wide range of links to Substance Abuse websites (provided by the South Carolina Department of Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse).



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